US Dollar Revisited…

Say, remember this post in support of a stronger USD and end to the Hope 09 festivities? The original is somewhere here on my personal blog but the SeekingAlpha version is linked so you can read the comments, the first two of which tell me “you hold onto your dollars, I’ll hold onto my gold.”

Well, you’re right sir. I’ll hold onto my dollars alright because they’ll come in handy soon. But I have been bullish the gold sector for nearly a decade with no end in sight. So I’ll hold onto my dollars, my PM’s, my short term treasury bonds and my market short positions.

Why is it that gold bugs tend to get emotional when someone writes something not even anti-gold, but pro-dollar based on technicals? The bottoming dollar foretold the onset of the acute phase of the Euro debt/default crisis. What’s the big deal? Do you think I write about a big, fat, global macro casino year after year for the fun of it?

We’ll it’s not fun. It just is.