Video Update

Video: Gold’s 3 Best Historical Comparisons

There are three clear historical comparisons for Gold.

These are the 1964-1965 period, the 1968-1972 period and 2009.

The first is, the mid 1960s, which we argued, in another video, was the best comparison. Gold is on the cusp of a significant historical breakout. The gold stocks were the proxy for precious metals pre 1970, as Gold is now. The gold stocks made a historic breakout in 1964-1965 which was also when the Gold price in Paris broke out.

Second, is the 1968 to 1972 period. Inflation, Fed policy, the end of a secular bear market in the S&P 500 and the long correction in precious metals (and time to break the 1968 highs) all compare to today.

Third is 2009 and for entirely technical reasons. The price action from the 2008 low in both Gold & Silver is fairly similar to the price action since the October 2022 low.

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