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Weekend Charts


Oh please dear market godz, don’t let me short silver again. Surely there are so many other less painful ways to go about this? 🙂

Hey, have a great weekend…

Gold-Canada Dollar…

Yeh, I know… TA is a bunch of hocus pocus.

FRG to target

Meanwhile, an NFTRH favorite since the dark days of Armageddon ’08 chugs to target off of buys averaging around 2 bucks. Still holding with no intention of being without this one for some time to come. That is what trust in management – which is really hard to gain with me – will do.

And no, don’t even think of this as a reco, because I sure as hell am not buying at these lofty (relative to when it was being given away) valuations. Just holding remaining shares in the same quality bag as things like KGN (.50 to $6+) and a few others. – So far so good

Coaxed the little Feller into a breakout of the neck line. Still, renowned non silver bull that I am, I have got to wonder. If the breakout holds, the target for First Majestic is the highs of January.

Copper-Gold Ratio (CGR)

Now how can Doctor Copper diagnose a sustainable bull market while flopping and diverging in ratio to gold? Huh? How? Come on Doc, start pumping!

10 Year Yield

Still no go on the hyperinflationary extravaganza as of this moment. I just wrote an estimated tax check to these guys at Treasury. I wonder what they are going to do with it?