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Weekly Market Update Excerpt
Dec. 17, 2010

Gold and Precious Metals

US Dollar Chart

US Dollar Analysis:

  • The Dollar rally has just begun.  Distribution is already occurring!

  • Fiat currency is the crown jewel of socialism.

  • The Dollar is socialism.  That is the structure of the beast.

  • I am active in my community.  Help those fighting fiat.

Gold Bullion.  6 Month Price Chart

Gold Bullion Analysis:

Gold has a solid Super Force Buy Signal from me on Friday Nov. 12th.

  • Gold is experiencing a sideways correction.

  • My intermediate target is 1260.

  • We should see Gold rise 100% in the coming 12 months.

  • Own a lot of gold now.  Own more at 1260.

Gold Bullion.  One Year Price Chart:

  • I continue to be impressed with volume.  Gold Bullish!

  • Price seems to need to come down harder yet is not doing so.

  • That fact is bullish for your gold positions!

Gold Juniors Chart

Super Force Gold Juniors Analysis.

  • I issued a Sell on Friday Dec 3rd to you.  Now I am buying and signalling you to do the same.

  • From the lows of summer to recent highs, gold is up 23%.

  • The GDX is up over 38%.

  • GDXJ is up 78% !

  • Junior Miners are where your future bullion will be found.

  • Invest in real assets.  Book profits on a portion  regularly.

GDX 9 Month Chart.

GDX.  Massive Breakout On 3 Year Chart

Super Force Gold Stocks Analysis:

  • I issued a GDX sell  to you at $62.73.

  • Gold bullion bounced quickly from 2008 because it is a currency.

  • Gold companies went through a rebuilding process.

  • Gold is up (last three years) approximately 70%.  GDX is up 40%.  These are not normal times, so the GDX to bullion non-confirmation that occurred earlier was not abnormal.

  • GDX should outperform Gold by approximately 60% from here.  If Gold goes to $2000 per ounce GDX should be trading at $100.

Silver Chart

Super Force Silver Bullion Analysis

  • I issued a sell to you at $29.15.

  • I added to positions of physical silver at the spot price of exactly $25.00, which is the low of the correction.

  • Silver also seems to need to correct, yet has not done so to date.

  • Like the gold market, the volume patterns in silver indicate this could  be a short lived correction. You must be a buyer of weakness. There seem to be lines being drawn in gold community amongst those saying sell now and those saying prepare now for vastly higher prices.  So be it. I want you in the prepare now for higher prices camp!

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