Weekly Market Update Excerpt

Gold and Precious Metals

Gold Bullion 6 month chart

Super Force Signals Gold Bullion Analysis

  • Gold has a Super Force Buy Signal as of Friday Nov. 12th .

Note the latest recommendations from the Super Force Signals:

  • Buy: 135.41 via SGOL Nov. 12

Sell: 141.73 via SGOL.

Buy: 131.70 via SGOL.

  • The “bullion equivalent” buy:  $1354. Nov. 12

The “bullion equivalent” sell:  $1417.

The “bullion equivalent” buy: $1317.

  • The Gold market had no sooner given a Super Force sell signal, and price began to dive immediately lower; Friday Nov. 12th marked a rough day for the markets.

  • The downside plunge was met with my Super Force signal buys on all Precious metal sectors.

  • I view the current action in the Gold Market as a superb opportunity to reload positions, from which you have booked solid gains in the last months.

  • It also opens similar opportunity up for those who missed the move in the first place.

  • I have marked on the SGOL chart above, an area of initial support followed by an area entitled “Floor Support”.  Remember that term, “floor support”.

  • The initial support has already held, followed by a bounce.

  • It appears to me, unfortunately for those expecting an immediate parabolic move up, that price will eventually break through initial support. “Floor Support” is in the 1260 area.
  • My largest planned buys are in this ultra-key 1260 area. I bought this week anyways, and booked profits into strength via my SF60 Trading Service.  I follow all signals myself.  All.

  • I hope to begin issuing voice alerts next week to add clarity to my signals.  I’m testing some equipment now.  Place orders into the area around the price identified by my alert signals.

SGOL Chart 2:

Gold Bullion Chart

  • My target for this correction is the 1260 area. That seems logical when considering the depth of the average corrections in this Bull Market.

  • The only sensible way to play a correction is to buy as price goes lower. It would be not just a total mistake, but a possible lifetime catastrophe, to wait and target a price and end up missing this great opportunity.

  • I’ve been a buyer into weakness already. I have lightened up into strength. Volume does seem to be indicating we will roll over and likely see further weakness.  Volume, volume, volume!  Never take your eye off the gold market volume ball!

  • I suspect, unlike the last correction, we will likely get further buy signals in the Surge Index System. I would recommend systematic buying.

  • I  buy every one percent down when I feel we’re close to a bottom. I will keep Super Force Subscribers updated every step of the way.


Super Force Gold Juniors Analysis:

  • I issued a Super Force Buy Signal on GDXJ on Friday Nov.12, the buy price $38.74.

  • I put out a sell on Tuesday, Nov. 9, at $42.18. This signal from Sell to Buy saved you 8.1%!

  • Just prior to that SFS scored a gain of 24% in just weeks.

  • GDXJ has been the leader in the precious metal sector for quite a while.  Few understand this fact.  Note in the above chart how the warning indicated a buy opportunity was coming.

  • A look at the volume in the above chart causes concern, it’s warning of further down side action. Note the heavy distribution on the declining days, followed by soft volume on up days.

  • The Superforce60 Trading Service scored you solid price profits already this week.  That’s all that matters to the professional:  Now.  Thursday offered profit taking in many sectors.

  • While I’m trading in this sector, I’m also building a larger core of stock.

  • As you can see on the above chart, I’m targeting the 33-34 area for GDXJ.  Can you handle a move down there?  Again, I’m buying all the way down.  When we get closer to my target zone, expect to see me buying every one percent marker down.

  • The Big Picture. Price will not be just higher, but dramatically higher.  Add to key core positions.

GDX 9 month Chart

GDX Chart. 3 yr Weekly

Super Force Gold Stocks Analysis

  • A Super Force Buy Signal was issued Nov 12th on Gold stocks GDX at $59.61. Saving you 5.0% from sell to buy

  • A Super Force Sell Signal .  Issued Nov 09th on Gold stocks GDX at $62.73.

  • Also Super Force Buy Signal had been issued on Oct 19th for GDX at $54.26. This is a gain of 15.6% in a couple of weeks, followed by savings of 5.0%!

  • The commentary on GDX is: Price has rocketed, and the Surge Index System grabbed your profits.  A quick turn was tracked by the Surge Index System offering up new buys Friday the 12th.

  • To me the most important fact to get right now is how far the Gold Stocks are behind Gold itself.  GDX is trailing Gold by 45% since late 2008.  Look at the weekly charts in this update. Gold is up substantially and a look at the GDX 3 yr chart shows zero progress for GDX.

  • In normal times GDX would be leading. We all know that these are not normal times. But consider this: THERE IS NOT ENOUGH GOLD!  The only way to get more Gold is to mine it!

  • That makes GDX A GREAT BUY. It also underscores why the Juniors (GDXJ) are in great demand.

  • Keep these facts in mind during this correction. The fundamentals couldn’t be any more positive than they are.

  • Again, I’m buying systematically all the way to the bottom of the correction. Look the targets over closely. Bottom Line: I WANT TO OWN MORE GOLD STOCKS.

Silver Chart

  • There was a Surge Index 25 Buy Issued on Silver Nov. 12th at 25.71

  • I have laid out the areas of support and resistance for Silver. It will be key to see how silver responds after the major move to the upside in the past many months.

  • Silver is an asset that I hold a large core position in, and one likely going much higher in the long term. I added to positions of physical silver locked in at the spot price of 25.00, the low, so far.

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