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Profits and Commodities Part of Mixed Picture for Stocks

In a volatile environment, it is helpful to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. There are serious problems with debt in the United States and Europe, which are representative of the negative side of the bull-bear debate

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Time to Trade Stocks and Silver for Gold?

Market professionals and experienced investors consider it to be common knowledge that silver has more real-world uses than its precious metal sister gold. Silver is used in coins, photography, batteries, bearings, electronics, and mirrors. Silver also aids in numerous medical applications and even contributes to helping capture and use solar energy. The Silver Institute describes … Continue reading

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The Fed, the Fear Index, and the Dollar

With the markets not having experienced a correction for some time and the Fed due to release a statement tomorrow, it is prudent to review some big picture issues.

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Monitoring the ‘Risk Trade’ with the Gold/Silver Ratio

The gold/silver ratio is not just for gold bugs; it can help us monitor the appeal of the ‘risk on’ trade relative to the ‘risk off’ trade in many markets, including global stocks (SPY) and commodities (DBC).

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Market Says Be Patient With Entry Points For Gold

We own gold, like gold, and plan to buy more gold, but the market is telling us to be patient for a while longer in terms of looking for a good risk-reward entry point for GLD (gold ETF). Numerous short-term indicators are still flashing some “be careful” signals. These charts are as of November 23rd … Continue reading

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Reading Between The Lines: James Bullard’s Seven Faces of “The Peril”

After reading James Bullard’s twenty-three page paper on possible monetary responses to further economic shocks, we feel it is important for investors to gain a basic understanding of how future Fed policy could impact the value of an individual’s savings and other financial assets. The basic premise of Mr. Bullard’s work is as follows: Current … Continue reading

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