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The SP 500 could bottom at 1096-1100, here is why

The markets bottomed last Friday at 1168 roughly on the SP 500, then violently reversed with a 47 point rally to 1215. I had forecasted a likely short term bottom at 1176/1188 ranges with a possible 60 point rally coming. With that said, I didn’t think it would all happen in nearly 1 trading day.

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Where now for Gold and Silver?

Well, that was fun wasn’t it gang? A huge drop in silver from $49.75 to the $32 ranges after 8 months of rallying from 19 to near 50. A 150% gain in Silver in eight Fibonacci months, sounds like a pretty overbought situation.

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Gold is bottoming and longs soon to be rewarded

My more recent forecasts for Gold were intermediately bearish from the $1390’s area as we saw a clear triple top breakdown from the 1425-1430 ranges about 8 weeks ago.

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Precious Metals and Stocks converging to top together in January

In recent articles and forecast updates for my subscribers, I have been preparing them for a top in Precious Metals and US Markets around Mid January. We may have already seen the intermediate top in Gold and Silver recently, and the SP 500 and US markets are not far behind.

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Whats Next for Silver

In latter August I penned a forecast for my subscribers to TMTF….

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