Time For U.S. To Focus On Mining

The markets have spoken in response to the failure of the Super-committee to reduce spending in Washington with a major decline.

This is less than a stellar review for currently elected officials going into the 2012 election.  At this point, the marketplace is saying that the “Emperor’s Have No Clothes”.   The word emperor  is deliberately chosen.  Latter day royalty comports behind the scenes in collegial collusion.  It is not too far fetched to suspect the unbelievable.  The fix may be in.

Isn’t democracy wonderful?  When the cameras are on its a different story.  There the class struggles continue for the edification of the masses.  Behind the scenes, it is buddy time, while the middle class undergoes what is either benign neglect or outright betrayal.

The real economic issue is that we are being overly regulated into legislative paralysis.  We guardedly hoped for our leaders to come up with visionary vistas.  Instead, they have concocted a compote of pap.  Washington got there one year payroll tax cut, a few jobless benefits and a few more jobless benefits.  This is not what was needed.  The impact on job growth will be tepid at best.

Look at what happened to the 2009 stimulus of $800 billion.  This did not help job creation. Unemployment went up where today the government publishes statistics of 9.1% unemployment and a rise in national debt to $15 trillion.

The morning after the super committee failure has left investors with a profound sense of disappointment.   Washington is proposing a puerile prescription in the wrong pharmacy.  Washington could seize the moment to propose truly heroic measures by a simple stroke of their pens to remove the regulatory impediments from essential American resources in the areas of rare earths (REMX), uranium(URA) and precious metals mining(GDX).

There is a need for the  fast track approval of our own American critical assets on which our economic future is dependent.  We have a national debt of over $15 trillion dollars.  Imagine if these U.S. assets in the Earth would be unshackled.  The fast track emancipation from regulatory restraints would result in thousands of jobs and go a long way to wiping out our enormous deficits.

The reality is that Washington is aborting job growth and simultaneously going deeper into debt.  It is time for us to disenthrall ourselves from hoping that our leaders might seize the day by simply removing the bureaucratic road blocks preventing the development of our country’s mineral wealth.  What we got instead was palliative pie in the sky, temporary stalling and political campaign moves for the 2012 election.

As long as Washington continues to treat vital American mining interests with benign neglect, the resultant impact on growth will be modest to say the least.  We continue to be a nation in executive denial.  Instead of throwing dollars at loyalists that can not be translated into domestic growth, how much more productive use could these monies be better utilized and a truly spectacular return on investment? At the same time it would make this country stronger both fiscally and defensively with a lucrative resource base of precious metals, rare earths and uranium.

What does this mean for investors?   Never have so many road blocks been thrown into the paths of uranium and rare earths.  Nevertheless, we maintain our buy strategy in the face of this excessive doom and gloom.  Sooner or later the realization must dawn on our leaders that these sectors represent true wealth and the most profitable places to invest stimulus funds.

In conclusion, we are aware that the areas of nuclear and rare earths are out of fashion.  This is not a time to cash in chips that are going through an artificially induced bottoming area as the result of administrative inaction and the manipulations of the short sellers.

Indeed, our carefully researched select rare earth and uranium stocks are actually becoming more attractive to hostile takeovers from foreign entities who recognize the true value of our national resource assets.  Realize that the Russians and Chinese have donned their cowboy hats and own large chunks of uranium in Wyoming and molybdenum in Nevada.

Do not be surprised that at this moment of transient disappointment, we may be on the verge of mergers, acquisitions and hostile takeovers.  These companies have been offered large premiums at today’s prices, which they have been steadfastly rejecting.
The day will surely come when the true value will be recognized of these extremely bargain priced assets.  Timid investors race from the battlefield even before they whiff the smell of gunpowder.  Our chosen sectors of uranium and rare earths require patience, whose payoff will result in geometric gains.