Steve Saville

2015 Forecasts for Gold & Gold Mining Stocks

Steve Saville’s latest public article on precious metals…

Gold during booms and busts

The boom/bust cycle is caused by fractional reserve banking.

US Monetary Inflation Slowdown

On the US monetary inflation front, the news is that there isn’t much in the way of news.

Gold versus Silver

We most recently discussed the long-term performance of the gold/silver ratio only two months ago, but the subject is sufficiently important to warrant some repetition.

Most gold bulls will be right for the wrong reasons

An interesting aspect of the gold market is that most analysis is off track, with the reasons put forward for being bullish generally being further off-track than the reasons put forward for being bearish.

Economics Myths

Our original intention was to explain where we agreed and disagreed with the article by Cullen Roche at “Pragmatic Capitalism” (is there any other kind of capitalism?) titled “The Biggest Myths in Economics”.

Random thoughts about the year ahead

The monetary backdrop continues to be very different in the US today than it was in earlier post-bubble periods.

Hyperinflation and Capital Controls

The US will eventually experience hyperinflation, but “eventually” could be long after we are all dead.

US Monetary Inflation Slowdown

The US monetary inflation rate continues its downward drift. As at the end of December the year-over-year (YOY) rate of growth in US True Money Supply (TMS) was 7.2%, its lowest level since November of 2008.

What a bubble looks like (and why gold’s price action wasn’t bubble-like)

One characteristic of an investment bubble is dramatic upward price acceleration during the final 6-12 months of a long-term advance, followed by a price collapse.

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