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My Interview with Dave Skarica

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Yesterday I interviewed friend and colleague Dave Skarica, of We discussed Treasuries, the Sovereign Debt bubble, the US Dollar, Gold and Gold Stocks.

My Interview with Todd Harrison

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Last week I interviewed Todd Harrison, founder and CEO of Minyanville. The main topic of our conversation was currencies and how action in the currency market (specifically the US$) could be a trigger for the next phase of this crisis, which has also morphed into a socioeconomic crisis. We talked about the chances of a … Continue reading “My Interview with Todd Harrison”

Jon Nadler Short-Term View on Gold (Video)

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Jon Nadler is somewhat of a bear on Gold. Rarely have I heard him project an advance in Gold. That being said, some worthwhile analysis here- at least for your consideration. [ad]

James Grant: Requiem for the Dollar

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In this long essay from The Wall Street Journal, James Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer remarks that the Federal Reserve “isn’t overtly manipulating” the gold market. His implication is that the Fed might be manipulating the gold market covertly. Maybe this is a small step in the right direction by someone who surely is erudite enough to know better already.

David Morgan on Gold (Video)

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David Morgan is one of the world’s foremost silver experts, if not the top expert. In this video he provides his short-term analysis on Gold.

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