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The Daily Gold Podcast #2

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Trendsman and Jason Burack discuss yesterday’s news in the Gold market…news out of China and the Kinross buyout of Redback Mining. Listen to the 9 minute clip below…. [ad#300×250 White Text Ad]

Gold/Silver Premium Update #33.3

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In last night’s 18-page update we covered the large cap gold stocks. We analyzed sentiment indicators for the gold stocks with our near-term expectations for Gold. Finally we showed where and how to take action on the gold stocks going forward. Sign-up here for a Free 14-Day Trial

The Daily Gold Podcast #1 w/ Dave Skarica

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We are going to do a few podcasts per week with various guests. Friend and colleague Dave Skarica was here for our first podcast. Listen below for our comments on the current outlook for precious metals:

Gold Stock Seasonality

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Why have gold stocks been weak? Lest we forget, they follow a typical seasonal pattern. Which Gold Stocks should you be looking at? Subscribe to our service….you get a free 14-day trial!

Premium Gold/Silver Webinar

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My publishers and I, this Sunday, will be hosting a two hour webinar talking all things Gold & Silver. Here is the outline for the webinar:

Sunday’s Premium Update

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Last night we issued a small update which focused on near-term (summer) technical targets for Gold, Silver and the HUI. These are targets we consider highly probable. We also mentioned two new gold juniors that re very promising. Plenty more on this is coming in our next update. Click Here to Try Our Premium Service, … Continue reading “Sunday’s Premium Update”

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