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David Rosenberg: Gold to Hit $3000

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This, according to his daily commentary, noted at the Business Insider. He does utter the “crowded trade” phrase.

Media Clowns Can’t Get it Right, Re: Gold/US$

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Is it just me or is anyone else tired of all this talk about Gold FOLLOWING the US$’s lead? Turn on the news and they’ll talk about how a falling US$ pushes Gold higher.

Interesting Gold Charts

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Chris Puplava at FinancialSense has some interesting gold charts in his latest weekly commentary.

My interview with Jim Rogers

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Yesterday I interviewed Jim Rogers, who obviously needs no introduction. I emailed him and we were able to do the interview the same day. The thing which differentiates Rogers from others is that he not only answers the exact questions asked of him but he answers thoroughly. His humble nature, in addition to the knowledge … Continue reading “My interview with Jim Rogers”

Gold Contrarians Will Get Killed

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First, let me debunk the bubble callers and those who say Gold is a crowded trade. I’ve heard at least three different people say this. Google that and you’ll be amazed at the number of results. Here are some excellent charts.

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