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Marc Faber’s Latest Gold Comment

Courtesy of I am not a perennial gold bug. But, when governments spend far more than they collect in taxes (large fiscal deficits), and when central bankers engage in reckless monetary policies and, instead of treating the causes of the problems (excessive debt growth), treat the symptoms (deflationary forces), gold as a currency does … Continue reading

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Ron Griess: A look at various measures of Inflation

Ron Greiss of the Chart Store produces great graphics. In FSO’s wrapup piece, Greiss looks at various measures of inflation. Go here to see it:

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Bloomberg Steps Up its Gold Bashing

Before I had the chance to address a recent Gold-bashing piece (Gold isn’t the best protection against inflation), Bloomberg is out with another anti-Gold piece (Gold Buying By CB’s May Send Sell Signal). The amount of misinformation in regards to Gold is bothering me and so too is this disinformation campaign, courtesy of Bloomberg. First … Continue reading

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My Interview with Dave Skarica

Yesterday I interviewed friend and colleague Dave Skarica, of We discussed Treasuries, the Sovereign Debt bubble, the US Dollar, Gold and Gold Stocks.

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