Gold Stocks Next Leg Up

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  Gold broke out of its triangle and reached $1900. It was able to lift the gold stocks up and away from critical support.   Since last Friday, Gold surged $70/oz. GDX gained 13%, while GDXJ gained 11%.   After three tests, GDX held support at $29-$30 and rebounded to an eight-month high near $35. … Continue reading “Gold Stocks Next Leg Up”

Gold Bull Catalysts Coming

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  Gold and gold stocks showed unexpected strength last week, and although they closed the week in a disappointing fashion, their larger outlook is growing increasingly positive as multiple catalysts abound.   We have touched on the Fed rate hike cycle catalyst.   In seven of the last eight rate hike cycles, Gold and gold … Continue reading “Gold Bull Catalysts Coming”

Gold & Silver Outlook in 2022

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  This year has been rough for precious metals investors.    The metals failed to react to normally bullish news, and the correction that began in August 2020 intensified at the end of the second quarter. Until days ago, Silver was down over 20% on the year and Gold nearly 10%.   The prospect of … Continue reading “Gold & Silver Outlook in 2022”

How Low Can Gold & Silver Go?

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  Last week we wrote that the precious metals sector remained in a larger correction.   We discussed the performance before the first rate hike in a new Fed rate hike cycle. Gold typically declines several months before the hike, but then rebounds significantly. Same for the gold stocks.   Although the recent decline could … Continue reading “How Low Can Gold & Silver Go?”

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