A Rally or a Bull Market?

      Although the financial media conflates the two, there is a difference between a rally and a bull market. A rally implies a rebound after or a reprieve from weakness. A bull market is higher highs and higher lows for a period of at least a few years. Gold’s strength in the 2000s … Continue reading “A Rally or a Bull Market?”

Will the Momentum in Precious Metals Continue?

    The precious metals complex has enjoyed a nice run in recent months. GDX has gained 25% since the September lows while GDXJ has gained 22% since its November low. Gold has rallied over $100/oz since its October low and Silver has surged in recent weeks. The Gold community is getting excited again. They … Continue reading “Will the Momentum in Precious Metals Continue?”

Gold’s Leading Indicators Looking Better

    Although yours truly has yet to completely jump on the bull bandwagon (which has revved up recently), I cannot ignore the positive fundamental and technical developments for precious metals. On the fundamental side, the market is essentially pricing in no hikes for 2019 and the start of rate cuts in 2020. For Gold, … Continue reading “Gold’s Leading Indicators Looking Better”

Stock Market Nearing Low as Gold Tests Resistance

    As we’ve been saying, the stock market will have great influence on Gold. It has been easy to see in recent months. The S&P 500 has cracked, losing both its 200-day and 400-day moving averages. Gold and gold stocks have benefitted and gained in recent months even with a stable to rising US … Continue reading “Stock Market Nearing Low as Gold Tests Resistance”

This Market Will Drive Gold in 2019…

      If we want to know where Gold is going we should follow Gold. Right? How about following gold stocks? At times, they lead Gold. What about the US Dollar? Wrong! In 2019, one market more than any other will impact Gold. That is the stock market. History argues (within the current context) … Continue reading “This Market Will Drive Gold in 2019…”

Is an Inverted Yield Curve Bullish for Gold?

    In recent days we’ve seen the beginnings of an inversion in the yield curve. The 2-year yield and the 5-year yield have inverted but not yet the the 2-year yield and the 10-year yield, the curve that is watched most. However, “2s and 10s” as bond traders would say appear headed for an … Continue reading “Is an Inverted Yield Curve Bullish for Gold?”

Gold Fundamentals Improving but Not Bullish Yet

    Recent market and economic developments are positive for Gold and precious metals but conditions are not bullish yet. Bullish conditions and bullish fundamentals would be highlighted by a shift in Fed policy. They aren’t shifting yet. They are slowing, which precedes a shift.   From a market standpoint, we need to see strength … Continue reading “Gold Fundamentals Improving but Not Bullish Yet”

How to Catch Bottoms in Gold Stocks

    It is very difficult to pick exact bottoms but there are many tools we can use to help us pinpoint potential bottoms. You don’t hear technical analysts talk about fundamentals but we do for a reason. Major shifts in the primary trend are supported by fundamental shifts, though they can be very hard … Continue reading “How to Catch Bottoms in Gold Stocks”

5 Things That Precede Major Bottoms in Gold

    The recent weakness in Gold and gold mining stocks is not over. In fact, we are worried about another leg down getting underway. If that comes to pass, we are positioned to profit from it. But I digress. Long-term oriented investors and speculators should be aware of the near term trends but they … Continue reading “5 Things That Precede Major Bottoms in Gold”

Gold Stocks are Not Close to Bottom

    It has been a rough year for gold stock investors. Since Gold failed to break to the upside and the US Dollar bottomed, gold stocks have been in a strong downtrend. In September they hit two and a half year lows. The oversold condition since then has been corrected but that rebound has … Continue reading “Gold Stocks are Not Close to Bottom”

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