US Dollar Rebound Increases Near-Term Risk

Last week we noted that the odds favored more upside in precious metals before a larger correction would begin. While that view remains on track, we want to note the renewed strength in the US Dollar which could provide immediate resistance to higher levels in Gold and gold stocks. The chart below plots the weekly … Continue reading “US Dollar Rebound Increases Near-Term Risk”

When Will Gold and Gold Stocks Correct?

Wednesday evening we raised a question in a subscriber update. We wrote: The current question for Gold and gold stocks is if they will push to higher targets before or a correction or if a correction has already started. We should know the answer in the next day or two. The gold stocks exploded higher … Continue reading “When Will Gold and Gold Stocks Correct?”

New Bull Market in Gold on Track

Last week we focused on the gold stocks. There was more initial evidence of a new bull market there than in Gold. However, Thursday Gold erased some doubts as it rocketed above $1200/oz and to as high as $1264/oz before settling a bit lower. That move puts Gold’s recovery on par with those following past … Continue reading “New Bull Market in Gold on Track”

Something Has Changed in Gold Stocks

Last week we said nothing has changed. This week figures to be the week something did change….

No Change in Outlook for Gold & Silver

With each passing rally hope has bloomed that the bear market in precious metals may be over. The long and deep “forever bear” has to end but it hasn’t yet. Under the surface, the bear market is getting weaker and Gold is growing stronger. It’s showing strength against foreign currencies and has broken its downtrend … Continue reading “No Change in Outlook for Gold & Silver”

Gold Could Lose Safe-Haven Bid as Equities Rebound

Gold and Silver have held up well during the recent selloff in equities. From December 28 through Wednesday the broad NYSE lost 10.4% while the S&P 500 lost 9.6%. Precious Metals gained strength during that period. Gold advanced 3.0% while Silver gained 1.7%. Gold relative to the NYSE broke its downtrend and touched an 11-month … Continue reading “Gold Could Lose Safe-Haven Bid as Equities Rebound”

Jeff Gundlach: Gold to Spike 30% to $1400

Jeff Gundlach is predicting Gold could spike this year. I agree with him but I’m not sure Gold has bottomed. It could drop below $1000/oz and test strong support around $970/oz or even quarterly support at $930/oz. If Gold is going to make a strong rebound in line with historical rebounds then how much could it … Continue reading “Jeff Gundlach: Gold to Spike 30% to $1400”

Silver & Gold Stocks Dangerously Close to Breakdown

The fledgling rebound in the precious metals complex suddenly reversed course. Since the intraday peak last Thursday, gold stocks (GDX and GDXJ) declined about 13% while Gold lost $1100/oz and today (Thursday) $1080/oz. Silver, which did not mount much of a rebound to begin with remains mired below $13/oz. Gold is showing increasing relative strength … Continue reading “Silver & Gold Stocks Dangerously Close to Breakdown”

Gold to Equities Ratios Have Bottomed

It has been a strong start to 2016 in precious metals, today notwithstanding. Gold was able to break above daily resistance at $1080 to $1090 while miners climbed higher until Friday’s reversal. Rather than focus on the nominal gains I want to turn our attention to Gold’s performance against other markets and asset classes. It … Continue reading “Gold to Equities Ratios Have Bottomed”

2016 Outlook for Precious Metals

The precious metals sector will close 2015 entrenched in a seemingly forever bear market. Most of the sector has been in a bear market for over four and a half years. Gold’s bear market will reach four and a half years in a few months. Meanwhile the US Dollar’s bull market remains strong and is … Continue reading “2016 Outlook for Precious Metals”

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