Gold Stocks are Trying to Bottom

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Since we called for a bottom a few weeks ago, Gold and gold stocks have tested that call. Gold and gold stocks rebounded but then appeared to begin another leg lower. This week had some optimism, but Thursday’s decline erased the optimism.  Traders and analysts (uh, me) are getting whipsawed.  The gold stocks are oversold … Continue reading “Gold Stocks are Trying to Bottom”

Gold Stocks Approaching Bottom

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Other than during a rally from Thanksgiving until New Year, gold stocks have been under pressure for nearly six months. The correction itself was not a surprise, but the structure has been different from the corrections during the 2000s.  Those corrections entailed a quick decline and then a recovery of most of the losses, on … Continue reading “Gold Stocks Approaching Bottom”

Gold’s Cup and Handle Pattern

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The cup and handle pattern is a very common pattern in technical analysis and a very bullish one. The pattern is formed as a market, after an uptrend, corrects significantly but eventually bottoms and can rebound back to where the pattern began, the old high. Think of it like the letter “U.”   The handle is … Continue reading “Gold’s Cup and Handle Pattern”

How to Find 10-Bagger Gold Development Stocks

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My articles focus mostly on market timing, which is valuable if employed correctly.  In July, market timing (technicals and sentiment) suggested the precious metals sector was headed for a peak and probably a sustained correction. The same market timing tools argued in November that the correction would end soon and a buying opportunity was approaching.  … Continue reading “How to Find 10-Bagger Gold Development Stocks”

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