The Next Low in Gold Stocks

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In our most recent article, penned two weeks ago, we noted that if Gold broke support at $1920/oz, then it could lead to a breakdown in the sector that could result in Gold testing the low $1800s and GDX and GDXJ testing lower levels like $37 and $51. Precious Metals have made a mini breakdown, … Continue reading “The Next Low in Gold Stocks”

Gold Stock Correction & Consolidation Continues

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During bull markets, gold stocks (and the entire precious metals sector) tend to oscillate between correction and consolidation or impulsive advance. Commodities and precious metals are emotional markets, and this can make the medium to intermediate-term trends prominent and easier to define.  At present, the sector is in a period of correction and consolidation, and … Continue reading “Gold Stock Correction & Consolidation Continues”

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