Silver Producer Index Update

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Here are two charts of our silver producer index, which contains 14 silver stocks and is partially weighted. The index includes household names such as Silver Wheaton, Pan American, Hecla, Couer D’Alene as well as various junior producers. The first chart dates back more than 13 years. The blue line is the 80-week moving average. … Continue reading “Silver Producer Index Update”

Silver Producer Index Retreats from Resistance

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The TDG Silver Producer index recently hit multi-month resistance and has since declined. Weekly 1-year chart: Chart going back to the 2011 peak: Analysis of these charts is available for premium subscribers in regular premium updates. Consider a premium subscription. 

Silver Producers Index Update

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This post includes charts of our silver producers index which contains 14 silver producers and is partially weighted by market cap. A few weeks ago, volume (smoothed) hit a 5-year low as the index was trying to make a new low. Note how the index was supported by a 13-year trendline.   A closer look … Continue reading “Silver Producers Index Update”

TDG Silver Producers Index Update

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TDG Silver Producers index contains 13 silver producing companies. The index is partially weighted towards market cap. Click the image to enlarge.

Silver is Following its 1970s Pattern

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Amazingly, if you line up Silver’s performance from its 1971 low to 1980 high with Silver’s performance since its 2008 bottom, you’ll notice….

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