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EUR Shorts Return, As Commercial Gold Net Short Positions Hit All Time Record

A week after the EUR posted the biggest short covering rally in history, expunging every single weak hand after a move wiped out 44% of all net shorts, the bearish speculative bets on the EUR are once again rising, according to just released CFTC Commitment of Traders data. After dropping from net -111,945 to just -62,360 contracts in the past week, net non-commercial EUR shorts are once again rising, and have increased by 8,614 in the week ended June 22, to -70,974. The easy short covering is over: at this point shakeouts, as claimed last week, will require something much more effective than a Goldman downgrade of the EURUSD.

In other COT news, gold fans will be happy to know that the number of commercial gross and net short positions in the precious metal has hit a new all time record of 475,678 gross and 288.916 net shorts. It is getting increasingly more expensive to the commercial players to preserve the price of gold at current levels, even with unlimited paper shorting capacity. As ETF’s such as GLD accumulate increasingly more (hopefully real) gold inventory (yesterday’s record number of 1,316 tonnes in GLD has not be updated for today yet), it will, in turn, become increasingly more difficult to push down gold price even as all the big players try to gold paper gold down.