Commentaries, Silver

Silver & First Majestic

NFTRH84 stated that ZSL was bought on Friday’s upside in silver to ‘oversee’ silver stocks and (not its real symbol, obviously), the latter of which was added to last week. For its part, FR was held despite messing with the breakout (neck) line.

So, I guess ZSL did its job in losing me a little money but firming up the backbone so I could keep holding First Majestic, which is now on its way back above the breakout line.

I also noted in #84 that I do not fight the silver bulls or the oil and commodity/inflation bulls for that matter. That is because my big picture is one of an inflationary future. Still, I often feel funny running with the silver bugs. Not sure why… must be a strict purist view of precious metals and gold, or something.