Silver’s 3-Year Performance

Chart 2: Silver’s 3 year performance worst since 1982 bear market low

Silver Performance

 Source: Short Side of Long

Since every man and his dog are discussing (and celebrating) the five year anniversary of the S&P 500 bull market (which started in early March 2009), I thought it was just as important to discuss the approaching anniversary of the three year bear market in Silver (which started in late April 2011).

Ok, so I’m joking about the importance of these anniversaries. Majority of the time, they do not mean anything, but I just thought it was a catchy title.

Nevertheless, make sure you click on the chart above for optimum zoom. And analyse the chart yourself. As always, I’ve left a few personal comments, including the fact that the current 3 year rolling performance is the worst since the 1982 bear market lows (and second worst on record).