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Hulbert Gold Sentiment Update

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As per Mark Hulbert’s HGNSI, Gold market timers are now more short-term bullish. I base these comments on current gold market sentiment, as indicated by the average recommended gold market exposure among a subset of short-term gold market timers tracked by the Hulbert Financial Digest (as measured by the Hulbert Gold Newsletter Sentiment Index, or … Continue reading “Hulbert Gold Sentiment Update”

WSJ Gets It…..Sort Of

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After the junk from Brett Arends and James Altucher, the WSJ finally has some worthwhile analysis on Gold. However, there are still many holes in this piece. The author basically concludes that Gold is a currency and not a commodity because it has followed US Dollar movements closely. Yes, we all know that Gold and … Continue reading “WSJ Gets It…..Sort Of”

Silver Stocks Offer Value

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In our last editorial we showed a few charts of our junior gold and junior silver indices. Gold has moved well past its 2008 high and the same has happened with our junior gold index. Silver, at its recovery peak was within 7% off its 2008 high while our junior silver index was 25% off … Continue reading “Silver Stocks Offer Value”


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This chart is from Business Insider with data from Markit. If these CDS have bottomed then it will certainly have implications for the Euro, and in turn, Gold. [ad#Text-Ad Box #2]

The Daily Gold Podcast #2

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Trendsman and Jason Burack discuss yesterday’s news in the Gold market…news out of China and the Kinross buyout of Redback Mining. Listen to the 9 minute clip below…. [ad#300×250 White Text Ad]

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