Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA

India IMF Deal = Tipping Point for Gold

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India’s deal to buy 200 metric tons (6.4 million troy ounces) of gold from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a huge deal – not just the fact that the New Delhi government is handing over $6.7 billion for the metal, but what it may mean for gold going forward.

David Rosenberg: This Is How We Get To $2,750 Gold

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Since the USA will not default, not raise taxes nor cut spending, the only logical recourse will be to print vast sums of U.S. dollars to fund this surreal foray into deficit finance. In other words, reflate.

India’s Big Vote for a Gold Rally

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The naysayers have said gold was ready to fall at every step of its upward march toward $1,100. But the world can’t get enough of the shiny stuff.

Central Banks Lead Shift From US$

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A Post from Blogging Stocks. Barclays Capital Research reported that central banks placed 63% of new cash in non US currencies between April and July.

Fred Hickey on Gold

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Fred Hickey writes the High Tech Strategist Newsletter. He is well known but is rarely seen in the media. Since 2000 his main trade has been Long Gold, Short Tech. Courtesy of Zero Hedge, here are some of his thoughts on Gold.

Is Gold the Bargain of the Decade?

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This was originally published October 26, by Nico Isaac of Elliot Wave. As you would expect, it is bearish on Gold, but worthwhile analysis nonetheless.

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