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Chinese Silver Exports To Drop 40%

After outperforming pretty much every asset class, most certainly stocks, and even gold, year to date, the “poor man’s gold” may surge even more. The reason: China may cut silver exports by as much as 40%. As Bloomberg reports: “Shipments may decline from about 3,500 metric tons in 2009, said Feng Juncong, chief analyst at … Continue reading

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Gold Spikes As World Gold Council Says Gold Demand Surges 36% In Q2, Sees Ongoing Demand Out Of China And Europe

Rumors of Gold’s imminent death in a liquidation-driven collapse continue to be greatly exaggerated, and in fact the shiny metal continues to perform inversely to stocks, which take on ever more water, and is a confirmation that the market expects continued dollar destruction courtesy of the Marriner Eccles residents. And courtesy of the World Gold … Continue reading

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Zero Hedge: Dave Rosenberg’s Thoughts on End of Bond Bull

Source: Let me start out by saying that I do not believe that bonds are any “better” an investment than stocks, at least in principle. They both have their advantages. For bonds, the advantages are that they provide an income stream – the principal and the interest payments are guaranteed in the case of … Continue reading

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ECB Announces It Bought Just €302 Million In Sovereign Debt Last Week

With total cumulative purchases at just over €60 billion since the beginning of its sovereign debt monetization program in May, the ECB purchased just €302 million in (Greek 6 Month) debt last week. As always, tomorrow will see the pyramid scheme of taking the purchases and reliquifying the market in yet another weekly term deposit … Continue reading

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Hinde Capital’s Ben Davies On The Gold Market

Zero Hedge recently posted several insightful pieces from Hinde Capital, among which the fund’s presentation on the ECB’s role as the European Commission’s whore, and more recently, its presentation on Gold as the “currency of first resort” (recreated below). Last week, fund manager Ben Davies, who previously ran trading for RBS Greenwich Capital in London … Continue reading

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Is Gold a Crowded Trade?

It’s true that GLD’s (NYSE: GLD) assets just passed the $50 billion mark, and that it’s the second largest U.S. ETF. Yes, mints had difficulty filling orders when the Greek crisis broke. And yes, the gold price is up nine years in a row…..

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