Junior Gold Stocks Update

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As subscribers know, twice per month I update the junior gold sector (also the junior silver stocks). I have proprietary indices and I cover the stocks in these updates. Also once per month I update the companies in terms of fundamentals and news announcements. Monday’s update, GSL #28.1 looked at the JR Gold sector. Our … Continue reading “Junior Gold Stocks Update”

Gold Sector Sentiment Update

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Over the last few weeks we’ve been writing about potential macroeconomic developments, which will drive Gold in the near term and in the years ahead. We thought we’d take a break from that and focus on what we enjoy most: analyzing technicals and sentiment….

CFTC Reports New Net Speculative Euro And Cable Record Shorts

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The CFTC’s latest weekly Commitment of Traders report shows that after a brief respite, potentially dictated by Goldman’s very temporary euro bullishness, the euro is back to having a record number of non-commercial futures-only positions at -74,917. This is a more than 50% increase from last week’s -46,341. As a reminder the prior euro net short record was -74,551 two weeks ago…

Watch the Bond Market, Not Bank Lending or Velocity

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A few weeks ago we wrote about the true cause of hyperinflation, which is a major break or failure in the bond market. It has nothing to do with demand, bank lending or the velocity of money as many have suggested. It is a confidence issue….

Gold Sentiment Updated

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…I look at many things to track sentiment. In terms of Gold we have COTs and various sentiment surveys among other things. The ISE put-call data has been the most reliable…

Where is the Value in the Precious Metals Sector?

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…Interestingly, the best value is now at the very bottom of the food chain. Some people call these the crap juniors or the garbage juniors. I refer to them as the lower tier juniors…

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