Updated Sentiment Charts

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Here is the AAII survey and the number of bears. Source   Next we show the updated speculator positions in the COT (for Gold):   Here is the same for the US Dollar:  

Gold Holding Support Despite Extreme Negative Sentiment

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We all know that sentiment on Gold is quite bearish. Rather than post numerous charts which you’ve likely already seen, I want to note some of the recent statistics. By recent, I refer to the past two weeks. Market Vane’s bullish consensus for Gold hit its lowest since 2001.’s public opinion, which combines various … Continue reading “Gold Holding Support Despite Extreme Negative Sentiment”

Gold Bullish Consensus at 12-Year Low

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The MarketVane survey shows bullish consensus on Gold, the lowest since 2001. Despite the pervasive bearish sentiment Gold has failed to break its consolidation lows.

Gold Sentiment Updated

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We know sentiment is bearish, but let’s view some indicators to see just how bearish it is…

Gold & Silver Updated COTs

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Thanks to Tiho Brkan for these updated charts…. Large specs long Gold position is at a 4.5 year low. Large specs silver longs have more room to decrease.

Time to Buy Precious Metals Now

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Since the end of December we’ve been writing about the coming bottom in precious metals. Our forecast for 2013 was to see a low in Q1 and then continued consolidation until the end of the summer in which Gold could be in good position to break $1800. That forecast remains largely intact, although it appears … Continue reading “Time to Buy Precious Metals Now”

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