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Gold, Silver, Gold Stocks Update

The commodity futures charts and gold precious metal stocks have be trading with increased volatility as they bounce between support and resistance levels on the daily and hourly charts. This report is focused more on technical analysis and charts so that I can show you what I feel these commodities are lining up to do. … Continue reading

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Gold Contrarians Will Get Killed

First, let me debunk the bubble callers and those who say Gold is a crowded trade. I’ve heard at least three different people say this. Google that and you’ll be amazed at the number of results. Here are some excellent charts.

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David Rosenberg: This Is How We Get To $2,750 Gold

Since the USA will not default, not raise taxes nor cut spending, the only logical recourse will be to print vast sums of U.S. dollars to fund this surreal foray into deficit finance. In other words, reflate.

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Mark Hulbert on Gold Sentiment

Mark Hulbert looks at his proprietary sentiment indicator for Gold. It is telling him that the gold timers have grown fairly bullish recently.

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Sentiment Updates

This includes a chart from Bespoke Investment Group’s Blog and Mark Hulbert’s sentiment indicator.

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