Bloomberg: Dollar Optimism Soars to 18-Month High

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….Investors are the most bullish on the dollar since the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. on speculation the U.S. economy will expand at a faster pace than in Europe and Japan, a survey of Bloomberg users showed….

Gold is Not Going Parabolic Yet….

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For a variety of reasons I am almost certain our on-going gold bull is nowhere close to Stage Three yet. Gold isn’t going parabolic anytime soon, so if you are planning on retiring in 2010 from this years’ gold gains I suspect you’ll be sorely disappointed…..

Why I’m Buying Back into Gold Stocks Now

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My opinion of gold has changed 180 degrees since December. It’s because investor opinion about gold has switched, from remarkably bullish to pretty darn bearish, pretty quickly. Let me show you what I mean……

A Look at the 10-Year Treasury Bond

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This chart of the 10-Year Yield shows an imminent breakout. Everything is bullish here. It is a beautiful reverse head and shoulders pattern and the price action is bullish in all time frames….

Paul Brodsky: Gold is not a Crowded Trade

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Courtesy of the Big Picture Blog (Barry Ritholz), is a thoughtful piece by Paul Brodsky, concerning the empty rhetoric from some Gold bears….”It’s a crowded trade.” I have been harping about this for quite a while…..

Insane US$ Bullishness

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Notice the financial media spewing garbage about the PIGS in Europe bringing down the house. Watch as the news turns back to the problems in the U.S……

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