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The Strong Hand Theory

I’ll start off with an analogy. Let’s say you just bought a business, a small restaurant. You open for business on Monday and after a week you have grossed $6000. You’re feeling pretty good about how things are going. The business is up and running. Dollar signs are floating in your brain. Then a week … Continue reading

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Manipulation, Fact or Fantasy

Amazingly enough…or maybe it’s not so amazing, every time gold corrects we see the conspiracy theories flying thick and heavy.  I’ve questioned these theories I don’t know how many times and I have yet to receive a logical answer.Now that I think about it, I don’t believe I’ve ever received any answer. If gold is … Continue reading

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Crucial Test Approaching

..I expect the stock market will also exert some influence on the precious metals market when it sinks into the low. As a matter of fact, at 21 days it now appears gold has already begun the trip down into its next daily cycle low…

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