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Why the Dollar is Key

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The move to a lower low on Friday puts the odds squarely in the “one more leg down” camp. I’ve noticed a couple of patterns emerging in the stock market. The first one is the tendency for a market cycle to bottom on an anticipated news event. The last two intermediate cycle lows bottomed on … Continue reading “Why the Dollar is Key”

Hoping for a Break

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I want to discuss something that came up on the blog Friday. An anonymous poster hinted that we were going to see more gold weakness in the days ahead because big money was having to sell  positions. Folks, big smart money traders don’t sell into weakness. These kind of investors don’t think like the typical retail investor … Continue reading “Hoping for a Break”

Gold Bubble? What Bubble?

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We continue to hear pundits describe gold as a bubble. Certainly it will turn into a bubble before this is all over but we are hardly in the bubble stage yet. In order for a bubble to form you need the public to come into an asset class. The public is pretty dim and it … Continue reading “Gold Bubble? What Bubble?”

Focus on What Matters

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I know this is hard to do, especially when one is weathering draw downs. And of course a liberal dose of gloating from the bears during these times doesn’t help either. But let’s not get sidetracked by the little things and let’s face it, the haters are going to show up every time gold corrects. … Continue reading “Focus on What Matters”


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Gold’s break out to new highs has very bullish connotations going forward. It puts the odds squarely in favor of a C-wave continuation. I will go over expectations and cyclical structure for a second leg of the C-wave in tonight’s report for subscribers. For those of you thinking about getting side tracked by a meaningless … Continue reading “Breakout”

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