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Silver COT Charts

Here are four charts that breakdown the Silver COT. Data is a week old so keep that in mind. First, here is the general COT. The black is the net speculative position (long) as a percentage of open interest. It has declined materially over the past few weeks. Next is open interest. Interestingly, unlike Gold […]

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Silver Bear Market Analogs

Throughout 2013 we posted the gold stocks bear market analogs. Now its time for the silver bear market analogs. Silver has had a very weak bounce in recent months and is threatening new lows. This suggests the bear is not quite over yet. However, this chart argues (because of the extended nature of this bear […]

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Silver Producer Index Update

Here are two charts of our silver producer index, which contains 14 silver stocks and is partially weighted. The index includes household names such as Silver Wheaton, Pan American, Hecla, Couer D’Alene as well as various junior producers. The first chart dates back more than 13 years. The blue line is the 80-week moving average. […]

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Silver Producers Index Update

This post includes charts of our silver producers index which contains 14 silver producers and is partially weighted by market cap. A few weeks ago, volume (smoothed) hit a 5-year low as the index was trying to make a new low. Note how the index was supported by a 13-year trendline.   A closer look […]

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