Adam Brochert

Bearish Whispers

I am not interested in shorting the stock market at this time. There is no confirmation that “the” top of the cyclical general equity bull market is in. This bull market is within the context of a secular equity bear market, which is far from over. When viewed in Gold terms (i.e. priced in Gold), … Continue reading “Bearish Whispers”

Visions of a Mad Gold Stock Speculator

A series of long-term charts suggests to me that we are getting ready for a Gold stock explosion higher that should begin before the summer is over. I am biased due to being rabidly bullish on Gold stocks right now, both intellectually and financially. Please take the following technical analysis smorgasbord with a grain of … Continue reading “Visions of a Mad Gold Stock Speculator”

Japan vs. USA: Same Depression with a Lag

Charts speak more eloquently than I can and they speak a brutal truth. Perhaps it is my scientific background or perhaps I appreciate the art that can be found in price charts. In either case, I prefer the message of charts to CNBC blowhards and other so-called experts. Anyone who currently has excess savings they … Continue reading “Japan vs. USA: Same Depression with a Lag”

GDXJ Now Offers Long-Term LEAP Options

As if recent price action in the Gold price wasn’t enough, there is now a tantalizing play on the Gold miners available for speculators in the junior Gold patch. Long term options (LEAPS) on the GDXJ ETF that expire in January of 2012 and January of 2013 are now available. I remain a patient watcher … Continue reading “GDXJ Now Offers Long-Term LEAP Options”

Gold in a Bull Market, Stocks in a Bear Market

To me, the title is stating the obvious. To many, such talk is ridiculous. To paperbugs, Gold is a bubble about to pop and only stocks make you money

Unrepentant Gold Bull and Stock Bear

Looking to buy more physical Gold with one more price dip and looking to short the $%&@*! out of equities with one more price rise. I will be scaling into both positions. With Gold, it will be purchase of physical Gold starting at $1150. With the stock market, it will be primarily via puts on … Continue reading “Unrepentant Gold Bull and Stock Bear”

Intermediate Term Thesis Renewed

I think a big and fairly fast move down is coming over the next month in all stocks, including Gold stocks. Keep in mind that I am biased as I am heavily invested in puts on equities (the DRN and UPRO ETFs) and I am waiting in cash to buy Gold miners if they get … Continue reading “Intermediate Term Thesis Renewed”

The Flight to Safety

U.S. Dollar bulls have been correct as long as the scoreboard they use to claim victory is the stock market. T-Bills have indeed outperformed the stock market over the past decade. However, U.S. Dollar bulls have ignored a better asset class in their flight to safety – Gold. It takes 4-5 times as many T-Bills … Continue reading “The Flight to Safety”

Castles Made of Sand

As Jimi Hendrix sang: And so castles made of sand melts into the sea eventually Debt-backed paper currency is always a castle made of sand but “eventually” corresponds with debt saturation. Once debt can’t be paid back and everyone knows it, what happens? Default or aggressive debasement. There is no “Goldilocks” in between just as … Continue reading “Castles Made of Sand”

Bought Paper Gold Today

Paper Gold went on a deeper discount today, so I bought more. I also partially covered stock market shorts today near the lows. Man, those triple levered ETFs can make or lose you a lot of money on their own – add in options and its like playing with napalm! If paper Gold goes lower … Continue reading “Bought Paper Gold Today”

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