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Gold Miners Outlook

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I recently warned that the correction was looming in the Precious Metals markets. During 08th of March, I observed that the overall sector has become quite extended on the upside from a short term perspective. I wrote that: The three month rolling performance, seen in the chart above, shows Gold Miners have so far gifted brave … Continue reading “Gold Miners Outlook”

Checking the Precious Metals

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Gold Stocks & Gold continue to lead while Silver is the laggard. Will it breakout soon?….

Inflation is a Contrarian Bet

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Deflation is the consensus but inflation is the contrarian bet and breaking to the upside…

Precious Metals Update

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While majority of the traders and the financial media is focused on the US stock market, stuck in a argument between whether the recent correction is finished or not, the real action is….

Precious Metals Breaking Out

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The technical downtrend that has persisted in the Precious Metals sector since October 2012, as QE3 was initiated, seems to be finally be coming to an end….

Positive Signs For PM Sector

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I have read the work of variety of market participants, many of which have now become certain that Precious Metals sector has finally bottomed out. Personally, while I continue to remain long PMs like Silver with overwhelming capital in my fund, I am not as sure that the final low is in.Do not misunderstand me, … Continue reading “Positive Signs For PM Sector”

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