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Precious Metals Double Bottom?

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Since I do not have a crystal ball, it is remarkably difficult to answer that question. I could answer the above question with a yes or a no…..

Gold Miners Approaching Support

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According to recent BCA Research, it is difficult to see precious metals accelerating on the downside in the medium term, despite Fed’s announcement of tapering……

Precious Metals Update

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Tiho Brkan: …my opinion continues to be one of caution in the short term and extreme optimism in the long term. Let me explain…

Sentiment on Metals

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The chart below focuses on various metal prices and hedge fund positioning. Gold, majority of the time is a precious metal with little industrial use. Silver is a hybrid, with industrial use as well as precious nature. Interestingly enough, throughout history Silver has been associated with the use of currency even more then Gold. Finally, … Continue reading “Sentiment on Metals”

Gold & Silver COTs

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Positioning currently stands at 76,600 net long contracts on Gold and 18,200 net long contracts on Silver…

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