BCA Research on Gold Bull Market

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Back to gold bullion, BCA Research argues that it is hard to make the case that gold is currently “a crowded trade”. Many institutional and retail investors agree with the gold bull case but….

Spec Money Exits Gold & Silver but Remains Heavily Long Other Markets

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There are many ways to measure market sentiment. We use surveys, put-call ratios, fund flows data and for commodities especially, the commitment of traders reports (COT). Lately, we’ve noted the improving sentiment picture for Gold. As a market weakens sentiment will naturally become less bullish. In this case, sentiment has weakened considerably yet Gold is … Continue reading “Spec Money Exits Gold & Silver but Remains Heavily Long Other Markets”

GTU Premium

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This chart comes from Babak at TradersNarrative: The premium in GTU has dipped into the red for the first time since October 2010 and prior to that, late 2008. This is positive as it shows optimism is now quite low, if there is any.

Bullish Sentiment in Gold Abates

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An upward sloping consolidation in Gold that began in October has, despite a lack of any real losses, been enough to improve various sentiment indicators. Mark Hulbert of MarketWatch gives an update on his Gold sentiment indicator: Consider the average recommended gold market exposure among a subset of short-term gold market timers tracked by the … Continue reading “Bullish Sentiment in Gold Abates”

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